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RSR Mobil 1 Supercup Series 1: Rules, Regulations and Other Information

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Series Organiser: RSR Boulton
Series Support: RSR Watchman


All drivers must sign up to redstorm.forumotion.co.uk and have a valid car number. Racers must then sign up for this series in the 'Sign Up' thread.


There is no Teams Championship for this series.


For this series, all drivers will be competing for the Drivers Championship.

Furthermore, all non-RSR drivers who compete in this series will be eligible to win the RSR Appreciation Award. This will be awarded at the end of the season to the driver that we at RSR feel has earned it the most and decisions can be based on skill, commitment, race-craft, or just simply being a pleasure to race with. Now it may not include DLC packs or credits, but its just a simple way of showing our appreciation, and saying thank you for racing with us.

Points System:

For this series we will be using the following point scoring system:

1st   50pts
2nd  49
3rd   48
4th   47
5th   46
6th   45
7th   44
8th   43
9th   42
10th 41

There will be a dropped round for all drivers (lowest scoring race).

Driving Aids:

Drivers are allowed to use any aids they wish.
Sim damage will be on throughout the series.
Collisions forced off during qualifying.


There is a required build for this series, as well as a few livery guidelines. Please read 'The Car' section for more information.


Qualifying sessions will be 5 laps long, with 1 out-lap followed by 3 flying laps to set your best time. You are then required to pull over at turn 1 on your fifth lap in order for the lobby host to take down times.
Qualifying starts at 19.45pm for each race week.
Clean laps overpower dirty laps, so if you set a dirty lap time you will be placed at the back of the grid.
Likewise, failure to qualify will also place you at the back of the grid.
(Please note, sim damage and ghosts are in effect during qualifying)


This series will operate using a 2-race format, with each race starting with a formation lap and a standing start.

Race 1 - 16laps pits laps 5 -10
Race 2 - 16laps pits laps 5 - 10

Series Calendar:

Silverstone GP - Sunday 15th March 8pm GMT
Spa - Sunday 22nd March 8pm GMT
Nurburgring GP - Sunday 29th March 8pm BST
Road Atlanta Full - Sunday 5th April  8pm BST
Laguna Seca - Sunday 12th April 8pm BST
Road America - Sunday 19th April 8pm BST
Bathurst - Sunday 26th April 8pm BST
Yas Marina GP - Sunday 3rd May 8pm BST

Other Bits:

Here at RSR, we're looking for some clean, challenging and competitive racing, and to avoid all the usual dramas and calamities of lobby racing.
Standard racing rules apply. No un-sportsmanlike conduct (pit maneuvers, blocking/weaving etc.), and no insults or abuse towards any other competitiors.

Everyone must have a working headset to race. Chat is to remain 'on-topic' with the current race, and is to be kept to a minimum. There should be no chatter during qualification. You may have finished your race, but others could still be on track, so be respectful and wait for everyone to finish.

Please remember, we are all here for a common reason, which is to have great racing! If you make a mistake that forces another racer off track, ensure that you allow them to regain there position, even if that means losing several positions yourself.

You are required to keep 2 wheels inside the white lines of the track at all times to be classed as 'clean'. Any position gained due to cutting the inside of a corner, or running wide on the exit must be given back safely.

Whilst we hope for there to be no need of a penalty system, if an incident does occur that you would like us to look into, please contact either myself (RSR Watchman) or RSR Boulton via PM within 48 hours. Please ensure you have a game clip saved and shared for us to examine.

Most importantly, get involved, get others involved, and have fun!

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