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RSR Mobil 1 Supercup Series 1: The Car

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1 RSR Mobil 1 Supercup Series 1: The Car on Mon Feb 09, 2015 11:15 am

RUF Rt 12 S (S742)



Engine Swap 3.0l F6


Race air filter
Race intake manifold and throttle body
Race fuel system
Race ignition
Race exhaust
Race cams and valves
Race valves
Race engine block
Race pistons and compression
Race flywheel

Platform and Handling:

Race springs and dampers
Race front anti roll bar
Race rear anti roll bar
Race chassis reinforcement and roll cage
Race weight reduction


Race clutch
Race gearbox
Race driveline
Race differential

Tyres and Rims:

Race tyres
Front 265/30/19
Rear 335/30/19
Lightest rims


Forza front aero
Forza rear aero


Liveries are to be in-keeping with a racing theme (e.g. no blank cars, no Fast and Furious liveries etc.)

Race numbers are to be displayed on the bonnet and rear of the car, and we would also like the RSR.club banner to be displayed on the door sills and the rear bumper. Also you need to add the series sponsor mobil 1 and the series badge you can find them on RSR Boulton share front

People who are new to racing with us (e.g. racers who are not on VM) are required to place a rookie cross on the front and rear of their car. Please use the photos as guidance for banner, number, and rookie badge placement.

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