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Zermatt's Sebring Challenge

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1 Zermatt's Sebring Challenge on Mon Feb 23, 2015 10:52 am

Wasn't really sure where to post this but yeah..

Zermatt Challenge

Monthly Rivals challenge is up for a while yet

Track: Sebring Full

Car: Must be R, body type GT Racing (M3, DBR9, ZR1, F458, GTS-R)

The board is full of DBR9's so Any of the other cars would be preferable!

The Challenge: Go beat each other around here!! Post your times up on here, and we can get a challenge going for each car or something! can give out other setups as well although they are similar!

To start you off...

My M3 Tune:


Final Drive: 3.38
1: 2.57 (don't use 1st)
2: 2.05
3: 1.69
4: 1.41
5: 1.20
6: 1.08 (don't use 6th)

Front Camber: -4.3
Rear Camber -3.8
Front Toe +0.1
Rear Toe 0.0
Front Caster 4.5

Anti Roll Bars
Front: 37.04
Rear 40.00

Front 310.1
Rear 278.5
Front Ride Height 3.3
Rear Ride Height 3.3

Front Rebound 11.7
Rear Rebound 13.0
Front Bump 2.9
Rear Bump 1.0

Full Aero

Brakes how you like

Acceleration 20%
Deceleration 7%

Enjoy Smile

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2 Re: Zermatt's Sebring Challenge on Mon Feb 23, 2015 11:14 am

I'll have a bash soon as our lass is out of hospital

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3 Re: Zermatt's Sebring Challenge on Fri Feb 27, 2015 5:07 am

I got a 1:57.416 with your tune. I think I could get into the 56s if I got through T1 correctly and through the Esses better, I was losing time in both places. For now, I'm 49th.

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